What’s Your Purpose?

OUR WHY – To build ownership in communities through Education & Economic Empowerment!
To create passion, purpose and prosperity in the youth and their families!
OUR HOW – We teach Life, Service, Job, Business, S.T.E.M and other Vocational Education skills training to youth and their families!
OUR WHAT – We have a full suite of hands on, super dynamic purpose driven courses that engage our students and help them discover their purpose and unleash their passions and teach them the necessary skills to create a successful career or business.
OUR WHERE – We conduct these courses throughout the country with schools, organizations and churches dedicated to the support and nurturing of our youth and their families.

We provide FULL course scholarships to qualified students all across the country. Our courses are designed for male and female students ranging from middle school to high school and young adults from 16 – 25 years of age. Complete the short form, on the Contact Us page, state the course you are interested in, and we will have someone reach out to you right away.

Give us your name, email, phone, address and course you are interested in, if known. Also include a short comment about your current purpose or passion.

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