Your Purpose

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Do you know what your PURPOSE is? Do you know what maybe keeping you from your PURPOSE? We can help get you on the right track with these short list of things that maybe keep you from your purpose and things that will help you reach your purpose.

5 of the 10 signs that will keep you from your Purpose.
1) YOU’RE the Average of the 5 people YOU spend the most time with! (Jim Rohn)
2) Do the people YOU spend time with celebrate YOUR gifts?
3) Do YOU dread going to work on Monday?
4) Do YOU feel like YOUR life is spiraling out of control?
5) When YOU are in alignment with YOUR purpose it is easier to say yes to the right things and no to wrong things. (Making the right choices and staying out of trouble).

5 of the 10 steps to help you reach your purpose. 
God created everything with a purpose! || You are alive only to fulfill your purpose! || To feel alive you have to be living on purpose!

1)  What are YOU passionate about?
2) What comes natural to YOU?
3) What sparks YOUR creative juices?
4) What makes YOU angry?
5) What would YOU do for free?