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James Foxx (MVP) Most Valuable Prayer from Purposethon2017!

We have seen evidence of our youth going down a familiar path that of the same as their parents. Youth after successfully going through our program make the necessary changes in their lives needed to become productive citizens, however they often return to an at-risk environment; including home, low-income producing neighborhoods, abandoned homes and businesses, high drug use and gang violence.

Our goal is to slow down or reverse the school to prison pipeline. We aimed to invest in creative solutions that provide opportunities for children and their families, neighborhoods, businesses, churches, organizations, and government, to serve as conduits of revitalization in severely distressed communities where at-risk youth are prevalent across the nation.

The market for this level of service is just as large because our inner city, rural and suburban youth are failing in record numbers because of their environments.





  • We are looking to raise $15 million to reboot and restore the Denver\Aurora inner city communities that have the highest percentage of at-Risk youth.
  • The project will focus on building out the following infrastructure: Hospitality Center, Neighborhood Learning Center, E-Learning Center, Financial Center, Affordable Housing Living Center, Business Development Center, Community Parks & Recreation Center and Wellness Center.