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Casper’s Back Seat Interview with Donald Murphy of Project Purpose

Helping Kids Through Project Purpose


Hour 2 – The Larry Stevenson Show – Casper Stockham & Donald Murphy


Hour 2 – Casper Stockham & Project Purpose founder Donald Murphy about Operation Community Reboot!


Hour 1 – Donald Murphy and Casper Stockham are in studio to talk about Project Purpose.


Former Congressional Candidate Casper Stockham introduces “Operation Community Reboot!

​9 A.M. EDT, Jan 17, 2017
Denver, Colorado: Former Congressional candidate Charles (Casper) Stockham, through his organization Seeds of dignity coalition, announces his partnership with Project Purpose and their plan to launch “Operation Community Reboot!”

Stockham – “During my campaign my mission was Planting Seeding of Dignity in the community. Now with my Project Purpose partnership and the launch of “Operation Community Reboot” we will continue that mission.

Few would deny that the inner city school systems across the country have a problem. The question is what if anything can be done about it? Well Stockham and the folks over at Project Purpose have a very ambitious plan to reboot and retrain the community starting with troubled children and their families; there by giving them passion and purpose.

Project Purpose has over 300 course hours of material from basic life skills of gang and bully avoidance to service and business skills.

Stockham – “Politicians talk, Leaders do! It’s time to stop talking and start doing. This community centric approach may not be the only answer but it is a great start and a great way to focus our efforts and energy towards a purpose we can all agree is good.

Mr. Stockham and the Project Purpose team have been working with local community leaders across the nation and so far have been walking out the plan to work and invest in the community and keep youth out of the school to prison system. – END –