In order for the community to win the American Game it needs a (S.P.A.R.K.) System, Plan, Access, Resources and Knowledge! We have formed Project Purpose¬†to provide the needed Education and Economic Empowerment to make sure a S.P. A.R.K is delivered into the communities of need across the nation. Your generous Sponsorship¬†will go towards supporting families in need across the nation through causes like “Operation Community Reboot!”

Sponsor a family

Thank you for your generous contribution. ANY DONATION AMOUNT HELPS but each course, per student and family, is a cost of $1995. However 100% of ANY contribution will go towards sponsoring a student and their family into one or more of our workshops or courses.

If your contribution is $1995 or more you will receive detailed information about the student and family you are sponsoring and the course they are taking.