Courses Programs

Academic Support is the bridge between Parents, Students, and the School. We provide a Personal Educator who consist of a mentor, tutor, and project manager all in one! We train, develop, and manage a team of Personal Educators to meet the academic learning gap.

Our academic support model is a holistic approach to building student efficacy and esteem by building their self-awareness of themselves as learners. This approach is designed to empower struggling students and build their personal investment in classroom instruction.

Project Purpose Life Skills puts emphasis on building strong thriving homes, families, and communities as this is prerequisite to the formula for success! A Great foundation is needed as the ingredients of life come together to improve living conditions in the home and serve as a road map as you maneuver through life’s obstacles. In this course work we examine essential skills that are not taught in school, but provide a bridge to understanding that you can’t have one without the other.

Sample of course subjects

  • Discovering your passion and purpose
  • Understanding Addiction, Bullying, Suicide, Anger, Sex Trafficking
  • The Art Of Giving And Receiving In Life
  • How to tie a Tie
  • How to stay sane in a crazy world

Service is Love in Action. Its unconditional Love, its a shared platform comprised of giving and receiving! While serving self is important it is just as equally important to serve others. We believe that every human being has unique gifts and talents that need to be developed and then shared with the world!

Sample of course subjects

  • So You Think You Know Good Service
  • The Gift Of Angry Customers
  • Be The Reason For The Company’s Success
  • Service Skills Training/Practice Makes Perfect
  • Resume Preparation & Interviewing

We have been taught that business skills are left for a very few like big corporations. In today’s market place one needs to be equipped with various business skills in order to compete in a rapidly changing global market. To remain competitive one needs to learn basic essentials to improve job performance which is key to a companies growth and stability.

Sample of course subjects

  • Company Mission Statement
  • The next great idea. Product or Service
  • Location Location Location
  • Value added Strategies
  • When to hire and when to fire
  • How to get your idea funded​

We have found that in order to provide a lasting and meaningful difference in the lives or our students they need ongoing mentor-ship. This course is perfect for a family member or guardian to take to support our students.

Our mentors course prepares the mentors to support our youth through ongoing interaction and engagement on all aspects of the students training.

The mentors will help the students remain competitive long after the original courses have been taken which is key to the students success.